Light Up Queen Street

Light Up Queen Street, curated by Modus Operandi, took place over the winter of 2005-2006 and comprised lighting, video and sound installations by four artists for the City of London. Queen Street, at the heart of the City, links the Guildhall, the oldest civic building in London, to Southwark Bridge and the River Thames. The event was initiated with a pilot project, Forest by Maggie Ellenby over the winter of 2004-2005.  For the main event in 2005-2006, artists Susan Collins, Tim Head, Mark Lewis and David Ward created a series of new artworks inspired by the area, its street life and architecture.  The artists re-imagined the urban setting, taking mundane and often ignored elements in the streetscape as their inspiration for new artworks in light, sound, and film, installed in unexpected locations.  Light Up Queen Street formed part of the City of London’s long-term project to enhance the street scene of the area.


Queen Street, London