Modus Operandi is an independent arts unit with a track record of curating and producing art of the highest quality in the public realm.  As mediators between artists, clients, design professionals and the public, we facilitate extraordinary contributions to public spaces.  Our expertise spans every stage of the commissioning process, from the creation of visionary and pragmatic public art strategies, to the selection of artists and the successful coordination of commissioned artworks.  We organise permanent and temporary art, collaborations, interventions and artists’ research projects. 

Modus Operandi works across diverse sectors, both public and private. Our clients include development and property companies, educational establishments, health and housing organisations, transport services, local authorities and regeneration companies, cultural organisations and places of worship. 

Our approach is creative and practical.  Whilst engaging with the best contemporary arts practice, we also draw on a range of creative and academic disciplines, initiating collaborations with architects, landscape architects, poets and creative writers, historians, choreographers, engineers, ecologists, social geographers, designers and film-makers.

Founded by Vivien Lovell in 1999, Modus Operandi is based in London and operates internationally.  We have delivered more than 160 projects over the past 21 years throughout Britain, Europe and Japan and are considered one of the leaders in commissioning public art in the UK.


Image caption:

The Phoenix Initiative, Public Art Strategy and Programme, Coventry, 1998-2004. Commissions pictured: Glass Spiral Bridge Alexander Beleschenko; Time Zone Clock Françoise Schein; Public Bench Jochen Gerz. Photograph © Marc Goodwin