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Marunouchi Scales

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As part of the development of the Marunouchi building in Tokyo, artist Corban Walker created an artwork that is fully embedded into the building's architecture. Integrated into the walls either side of the main staircase leading from the atrium to below ground, Scales is fabricated in glass, fibre-optics and LEDs.  The installation challenges the viewer with a human scale and viewpoint that is ‘Corban Scale’: the artist perceives the world from his own height of 4 feet tall.


The installation equates to the artist’s ‘experience of being in a territory that has been mapped out to accommodate a different culture from mine… I have envisaged the installation on the stairs as a place where large architectural planes are transformed into ‘floating’ areas'.

Corban Walker.


This work is part of the Marunouchi Art Project, curated and managed by Modus Operandi.


Corban Walker

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