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Marunouchi Remembrance of M

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Kimio Tsuchiya created a sculptural intervention, Remembrance of M, for the main reception area of the new Marunouchi building in Tokyo.  The work takes as its starting point a pre-existing wooden pile from the foundations of the old Marunouchi building, and acts as an elemental connective force linking the past and future.  Horizontally located beneath the floor of the building, the wooden pile is visible through glass, and connects with a second version of the pile, which has been cast in bronze, inscribed with key dates in the building's history, and placed vertically on the right-hand wall of the entrance.


Kimio Tsuchiya describes the inspiration behind the work as follows: ‘A common theme for proposals of my work is memory… memory of the land, memory of the site, memory of the building, memory of people and memory of time.  The memories which are a theme of my work in the Marunouchi Art Project are intended not only to encompass the history of the building and its architectural importance, but also the history and memories of people who have shared the life and fortune of the building. Memories don’t belong to the past; rather they are a creative element which can be connected to the future’.


This work is part of the Marunouchi Art Project, curated and managed by Modus Operandi.


Kimio Tsuchiya

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Remembrance of M


Mitsubishi Estate Co. Ltd.



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