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Guy’s Hospital Haematology Unit

Night Fly

As part of the refurbishment of Guy's Hospital, Ori Gersht was appointed to create work for the new Haematology Unit. The work commissioned consists of a series of photographic images of cherry blossoms taken in Japan early in 2010.  The main aim of the commission was to provide a sense of tranquility and positivity for the diverse range of staff and patients that use the unit.


Every year in Japan the public closely tracks the ‘cherry-blossom front’ as it sweeps northward across the country with the approach of warmer weather.  The close attention paid to these forecasts is due to a long-held belief that the arrival of the blossom represents good fortune and the celebration of life. Families and friends hold flower-viewing parties and picnics, turning out in large numbers at parks, shrines, and temples.


To capture these photographs, Ori Gersht journeyed across Japan over several weeks, chasing the movements of the ‘cherry-blossom front’.  His search for good fortune has resulted in a series of inspiring images that will evoke memories and associations in the viewer.



This commission was curated and managed by Modus Operandi, as part of the Guy’s and St Thomas’ Charity’s Art Commissioning Programme.


Ori Gersht

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Chasing Good Fortune


Guy’s and St Thomas’ Charity





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