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DLR Shadwell Solid Turbulence

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Solid Turbulence is a photographic and audio project by artist Anthony Lam at Shadwell DLR Station, developed with the residents of three neighbouring tower blocks, close to the Station. Drawing on both his own experience of growing up in the area and the viewpoints of current residents, Lam encouraged individuals to record their perspectives on the area's recent regeneration and its impact on their community.


The first set of photographs – on display throughout 2008- 2009 – focused on the ‘new dawn’, and were taken looking skyward from a window of one of the local tower blocks: a metaphorical image evoking hope and the future.  In contrast, the second series of photographs on show 2010 - 2012 are grounded in the roots of the community.  One depicts the line path made by locals on the landscaped ‘pocket green’ while the second image depicts a small tree pictured in state of reawakening from winter.  Both are examples of Lam’s desire to directly reference the locale whilst simultaneously augmenting it.


Solid Turbulence is part of DLR Art, the Public Art Programme for the Docklands Light Railway, curated and managed by Modus Operandi.


Anthony Lam

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Solid Turbulence


Docklands Light Railway




2008 - ongoing

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© Alan Williams

Courtesy of the DLR