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DLR Langdon Park

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Kate Davis was commissioned to create an artwork for Langdon Park DLR station that would draw on the local context and the experiences of people who use the station everyday.  The commission is comprised of three elements: a text work for the station's canopy, a drawing set within the paving of the entrance and two linguistic sculptures for the station platform.


The text work for the bridge, was created by the artist following a series of workshops with local residents, investigating the idea of ‘the sense of belonging’.


The inlaid drawing, comprising a series of ‘studs’ set into the paving, forms a trail of cyclical shapes that mimic the passage of people through the station.  Each stud is engraved with the name of an individual who contributed to the construction of the station encouraging a visual association with location and habituation and reflecting the individual members of a community who come together to form the whole.


A pair of highly polished stainless steel sculptures occupy the station platform.  Featuring the word ‘whooosh’ on one side of the platform and a calligraphic gestural form on the other, the sculptures mimic the dynamic movement of the trains that pass through the station.


These works are part of DLR Art, the Public Art Programme for the Docklands Light Railway, curated and managed by Modus Operandi.


Kate Davis

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Whooosh, Be-longing, Round Turn & Two Half Hitches


Docklands Light Railway





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