Liverpool Vision City Centre Public Art Strategy

Modus Operandi undertook wide consultation and research to write the Public Art Strategy for Liverpool City Centre.  The resulting strategy was structured into two interconnected documents.  The first, A Blueprint for Public Art, presented a public art policy, delivery mechanisms and an outline of strategic opportunities, together with a proposed programme of projects.  These ranged from permanent art commissions and integrated works, to temporary and ephemeral works, to collaborations between artists and other design practitioners.  The second document A Context for Public Art in Liverpool presented the full background of research carried out in the course of developing the Strategy.


The Blueprint was adopted by Liverpool Vision under its Public Realm Implementation Framework; it presented Liverpool City Council with a Public Art Policy applicable to its own portfolio of expenditure as well as a proven means of applying the policy to inward investors through Section 106 Agreements.  Both documents by Modus Operandi are being used extensively to shape the objectives and remit for the Public Art Steering Group led by Liverpool Biennale.




2001 - 2002