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Westgate Oxford Public Art Programme

The Westgate Art Programme, curated by Modus Operandi, comprises a series of new permanent and temporary works of art created in response to Westgate, its history, its new identity, its setting within the city with the aim of creating a new cultural quarter.


The Art Programme launched with a temporary hoardings installation by Adam Dant - 'The Westgate Cultural Meridian'. A reminiscence project by artist Rachel Barbaresi: 'urbansuburban Westgate in St Ebbe’s', was also developed in partnership with Oxford City Council, Oxford Archaeology and the Museum of Oxford, realized in the form of an Artist’s Book launched at the Museum of Oxford and featured in Modern Art Oxford exhibition 'Future Knowledge' from May to June 2017.


Daniela Schönbächler has created two key artworks for the curved entrance façade designed by Dixon Jones Architects, facing Bonn Square: The Lantern – a glass and steel beacon emerging from the architecture – and the complementary Oculus – a roundel of glass panels set into the wall.


David Batchelor and Rana Begum have each created works for two key locations in the scheme, Leiden Square and Middle Square. Batchelor's work Homage to Doctor Mirabilis celebrates the Oxford-based 13th century scholar-friar Roger Bacon, known for his research into optics and light. Rana Begum's work 'No. 274 Reflectors', references both modern technology and classical architectural construction techniques. Myriad by Nicky Hirst, marks the entrance to Oxford Library and extends to the Library windows on Castle Street.


William Cobbing's work Paradise Garden, to be located at Greyfriar's Place, is inspired by the history of this ancient friary site. It will be completed in February 2018.


For further information, the 'Art at Westgate' online brochure may be downloaded from the right hand menu link.




David Batchelor, Rana Begum, Adam Dant, Rachel Barbaresi, Nicky Hirst, William Cobbing, Daniela Schoenbaechler

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Westgate Public Art Programme


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David Batchelor. 'Homage to Dr Mirabilis', 2018. Image credit: Ben Westoby

Download the 'Art at Westgate' brochure here