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The Phoenix Initiative Waterwindow

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Susanna Heron was commissioned to create a work for the wall that divides Priory Garden and Priory Place.  


As the artist describes, ‘Waterwindow is a spatial work of sound and light.  At the corner of Priory Garden you first hear the sound of rushing water through the deep copper-lined window opening ahead of you and see a curtain of water falling behind it. Looking through the window you find that the aperture magnifies the sound and acts as an ear to the waterfall. The interior of the window is obliquely angled to channel your view and draw you down the path along the wall and down the walkway ’.


At certain times of the day, sunlight falls through the window, lighting up the waterfall, while at dusk the work is artificially illuminated.  The copper screen which incorporates the angled window, will gradually change tone, developing over the years in response to the waterfall and recording the subtle tracery of falling water.


The location of the artwork has become a favourite site for local photographers. The artist has made a collection of their photographs here.


This work is part of the Phoenix Initiative Public Art Programme, curated and managed by Modus Operandi.


Susanna Heron

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