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London Overground Hampstead Heath

Clare Woods was commissioned to create an artwork for Hampstead Heath London Overground station and has developed a site-specific, permanent artwork in porcelain tiles, extending the entire length of the station platform.


Woods has chosen to evoke a feeling of fresh air in her artwork, echoing the English Romantic painter John Constable's desire to make paintings in which he could feel the wind blowing on his face, rather than a realistic representation of the landscape.  The depiction of water and reflection is central to the composition.  It features a landscape without horizon, where the pools become voids or portals to another place.


'I wanted to get a ‘feel’ of the Heath in my work - this open space in the heart of a city', Woods has said. 'This is a more abstracted notion of the landscape, creating a sense of a place, or a feel of an expanse.’

The commission was completed in May 2011 and is part of the London Overground Public Art Programme, curated and organised by Modus Operandi.


Clare Woods

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Evenings' Hill


London Overground





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