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The Livery Company, the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales, commissioned Alexander Beleschenko to design, create and install an integrated permanent artwork in glass for the Institute’s Members’ Room, as part of the refurbishments of their building, Chartered Accountants’ Hall, in the City of London, by Donald Insall Associates.

The brief was to contribute to the distinctive architectural environment, of the Chartered Accounts’ Hall building and that would engage its members’ and visitors’ attention and imagination and provide a memorable new element within the building.

Realised in a combination of traditional glass working techniques, the artwork is constructed using contemporary materials and processes and was fabricated by the artist in his studio in Swansea. The commission complements the complex interior of the Members Room, rich in architectural features, strong tones and colours.

The work was developed in collaboration with the architects Donald Insall Associates who completed the building refurbishment and curated by Modus Operandi Art Consultants.


“The artwork is a combination of realism and abstraction. The realism aspect is of the three repeating motifs - depictions of the original window fenestration that existed in the same wall as the artwork before the extension was built. Interwoven and layered with these images are details taken from the decorative aspects of the building. The grid geometry is generated out of a flooring pattern in one of the corridors. The ribbons and allied artefacts are inspired by some of the decoration seen in the stained glass sited in the main hall”.

Alexander Beleschenko, 2022


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