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City Inn Westminster Side Street

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Modus Operandi was appointed to develop an Art Policy for the new City Inn Hotel, designed by Bennetts Associates, located on John Islip Street close to Tate Britain.  Following competitive interviews Susanna Heron was selected to create an artwork for the new public pedestrian route alongside the hotel.


Heron collaborated closely with the architects to consider several elements of the project, including the design and materials of the glazed roof, the pavement materials and the changing effects of the light within the route.  She created 5-metre high slate engravings from her Elements series of organic drawings for the building's western wall, and also introduced a series of non load-bearing white columns as further sculptural elements to articulate the route. The experience of the constructed space reflects the artist’s ultimate aim ‘to make the whole street a living work of art in association with the architects’.


Susanna Heron

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Side Street


City Inn Hotels Ltd


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