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7 Air Street The Grammar of Orientation

7 Air Street Lobby
The Grammar of Orientation
The Grammar of Orientation
The Grammar of Orientation
The Grammar of Orientation

7 Air Street, a Crown Estate development, features two new commissions within the entrance and reception to the building, refurbished by Barr Gazetas Architects.


The Grammar of Orientation by Giulia Ricci is embedded within the exterior bronze panel door fins and reception desk for the entrance lobby. The artwork is rooted in the identity and shape of the building, where the repetitive shape of a ‘quadrant’ follows a series of permutations using a rotating sequence.


United Visual Artists (UVA) has created an aerial sculpture Heliostat suspended from the ceiling, projecting light upwards and outwards across the reception’s interior and visible from the street and to passers-by. Informed by UVA’s current exploration of symmetry and repetition in geometry, the new sculpture has been inspired by astronomical bodies and the changing evolutions of light. 



Giulia Ricci, UVA

Title of work

The Grammar of Orientation, Guilia Ricci, Heliostat, UVA


The Crown Estate


Barr Gazetas Architects





Image credit

Heliostat UVA (aerial sculpture) 2015. Image: Agnese Sanvito

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