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Westgate Oxford No. 724 Reflectors

A site-specific work for the escalator wall in Middle Square, No. 724 Reflectors comprises over 4,000 bicycle reflector tiles, forming a large-scale element in the space. The strongly coloured patterning ‘references contemporary technological structures and classical architectural construction’ (Rana Begum). The reflectors’ optical effects respond to changing light conditions, further animating the busy retail environment of Middle Square.


‘I wanted to create work that is not static. In a space such as Westgate, people are in constant motion, seeing things shift and change around them. I felt the need to reflect these transitions and changes within the work. I rely upon both the natural light coming through the glass roof above/artificial light and the interaction of the viewer to achieve this.’

Rana Begum, 2017




Rana Begum

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No. 724 Reflectors


Westgate Oxford Alliance





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Image credit: Ben Westoby